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Frost Fans – go check out this Eternal Kiss of Darkness Celebration giveaway! 


Sookie Stackhouse Challenge

Here is my progress tracker post for the Sookie Stackhouse Challenge:

  1. Dead Until Dark – TBRR
  2. Living Dead in Dallas – TBRR
  3. Club Dead – TBRR
  4. Dead to the World – TBRR
  5. Dead as a Doornail – TBRR
  6. Definitely Dead – TBRR
  7. All Together Dead – TBR
  8. From Dead to Worse – TBRR
  9. Dead and Gone

I am also entering GalleySmith's True Blood give away.  Will I win my second prize ever?  We shall see!  I can't wait to get to reading as soon as I receive the books!

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Update 0: [July 6, 2009] Yes, they are all TBR for now, but hopefully not for too long.

Update 1: [July 6, 2009] Found 2 previous reviews of the Sookie Stackhouse books (Definitely Dead and From Dead to Worse), which I linked above as well.  But I will probably do another mini-review after I re-read them.  And from my powers of deduction after reading my reviews, I think the book I missed is All Together Dead.  Maybe?  Gah, can't remember.  This is why I need to re-read them all!  And I don't think I've read Dead and Gone yet.  So I've changed some of the above to TBRR (To Be Re-Read).  *pats self for such a clever acronym*  haha.  

Update 2: [July 10, 2009] Received the Sookie Stackhouse books from Melsbookshelf.  Time to get to readin'!
Update 3: [July 14, 2009] Finished Dead Until Dark (book 1).  Review here.
Update 4: [October 14, 2009]  Finished Dead and Gone (book 9).  Review here.  

I can’t believe it!

I actually won Mel's Bookshelf's Sookie Stackhouse contest!  I've seriously never won anything before.  Not a single dollar from a single lottery ticket or any other contest.  Hmm… maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket now? haha. 

Well, I'm super excited.  I've been a Sookie Stackhouse fan for years.  But I guess I've always borrowed the books from the library so I don't actually own any of them.  And I'm pretty sure I missed a book somewhere in the middle.  Oh, and I've been Netflix-ing True Blood, which I LOVE so far.  So I'm definitely excited about having my own set of books and re-reading all of them. 

Thanks again, Melissa!  for an awesome contest.  And, since I no longer have the excuse of now owning any of the books, I am joining Beth Fish's Sookie Stackhouse Challenge

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Awesome Sookie Stackhouse Contest

@ Melissa's Bookshelf:

I love the Sookie Stackhouse series.  In fact, I am signing up for Netflix just so I can watch the True Blood series.  It would be great to re-read the series again.

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