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Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Silent Girl by Tess Gerritsen

I am not a faithful reader of the Rizzoli and Isles series, but the couple of book I have read in the series have been good and entertaining. I always thought it was interesting that the author, Tess Gerritsen, is Chinese but you wouldn’t have guess it just by reading her books. Her characters, settings, and plots are all pretty mainstream.

The Silent Girl, the latest Rizzoli and Isles adventure, is bit of a departure in that it is set against the backdrop of Boston’s Chinatown. The plot revolves around a massacre at a Chinese restaurant 19 years ago. At the time, it thought to be an open and shut murder-suicide by the cook who had gone postal, killing 3 patrons of the restaurant and the waiter. But a series of events, beginning with another murder in Chinatown, made Rizzoli and Frost realize what happened 19 years ago may be the key to figuring out what is happening today.

Overall it was an entertaining read. The plot kept you guessing until the end. There were a few good twists and turns. And as usual, Ms. Gerritsen writes with her usual attention to detail. I may have had some preconceptions from watching the TV show. For example, I totally thought Detective Frost was a young black man as portrayed in the show, not a middle-aged white man as described in the books. Detective Korsak is also slightly different in the books than how he is portrayed on TV. These differences are not good or bad, just different. But, there is one difference between the TV show and the books that i wish weren’t different. The best thing I like about the TV show is the interaction and friendship between Detective Jane Rizzoli and ME Dr. Maura Isles. In this book, at least, Maura barely makes an appearance and the interaction between Jane and Maura was quite limited. Plus, by this book, Jane is married with a young child. It just feels like the entire dynamics between Rizzoli and Isles is different. I wish the book gave more attention to “Rizzoli and Isles.”.

But, like I said, the book is still entertaining and an enjoyable read. B+


Black Hills by Nora Roberts

First, hello blog world! Just downloaded the WordPress app for the iPad. Will I write more reviews this way? I am certainly reading more on my Kindle app, especially with library lending of Kindle books.

One Kindle book I got from the library is Nora Robert’s Black Hills. (Sorry – no links because I haven’t figured out an easy way to do it from the app.) The book’s premise was not my cup of tea at all. I am not at all about the wilderness or country life, and this book is set in the middle of nowhere, South Dakota. But I actually enjoyed the book a lot, certainly more than I expected.

Cooper, a child sadly neglected by his divorcing parents, was sent to live with his grandparents in South Dakota for a summer. There, he finds unconditional love from his grandparents, learns all about fishing, riding and not chewing tobacco. And he finds his best friend in a girl, Lillian. Coop returns to Black Hills time and again throughout the years. Eventually, he and Lil move from friends to lovers, until Coop breaks it off to make his own way. Years later, Coop moves back and settles in South Dakota, and goes about getting Lil back. In the meantime, Lil has made a name and life for herself. But the animal sanctuary that she has built has attracted a serial killer targeting her. Can Coop protect Lil and win her back? (That’s a rhetorical question. Duh!)

I liked Coop and Lil. Nora Roberts paints a vivid picture of their blossoming childhood friendship, which grows and changes with time. I was rooting for Coop, who is “mad and sad” from having selfish parents who could care less about their child as they go about their lives. I liked the supporting characters, the grandparents, Lil’s parents, the friends, interns and townspeople. The mystery/serial killer plot was just enough to move the story along without losing the romance aspect of the book. It was a nice balance.

A ll in all, an enjoyable read! B+!