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Getting rid of books is hard

Remember a while back I posted about how my parents were cleaning out their house and ended up sending me boxes of books that were still at their house?  Well, now I'm cleaning my house.  I'm taking 4 boxes of books to the used bookstore next week.  FOUR BOXES.  I estimate this to be approximately 200 books.  Whatever they don't want, I will take to the library.  This batch includes a lot of classic books I read in school, all of my Sandra Browns, Julie Garwoods, and other authors I liked but may be have outgrown.  It's sad, really sad, to be giving all of these books away.  But it's time.  Now I'm much more discriminating about the books I buy.  Hopefully one day, eBooks will get to the point where I can buy lots of books without feeling bad about space.

On to my review.  This is Book 7 of the Meredith Gentry series.  Meredith is a princess of the faeries.  Her aunt, the Queen, promised her the throne if she gets pregnant before her cousin, Cel.  So to get pregnant, Meredith sleeps with many men (hey, it is a LKH book after all).  Last book, she finally got pregnant. With twins. Each kid fathered by two different men.  Eh…

I wasn't sure what to expect with this book.  I was actually a little thrown off because now that Meredith is pregnant, there's no sex with many men on every other page.  There is still sex, but much more toned down.  But on the other hand, the whole book didn't seem to have much of a plot other than the usual.  People trying to kill Meredith.  Lots of faerie fighting, Meredith getting lots of power. Some faerie politics that I don't really get.  Blah.  Every other page is now filled with Meredith full of resolve to protect her kids and the men she loves, and about how her magic is one of creation, but at the same time destruction.  It's all very grand and thematic and very blah.  I can't really explain it.  But I think back on good fantasy books like David Eddings.  This just doesn't compare.  It's like a kid playing at writing fantasy, with a touch of erotica.  But it's neither good fantasy nor good erotica.  I honestly don't know why I keep reading.  At least I get it from the library.  Grade: D.


One response to “Getting rid of books is hard

  1. janicu January 19, 2009 at 8:14 am

    Holy crap, 4 boxes, 200 books? Ouch. That would kill me.
    I don’t even understand the genetics involved here, the made up genetics that is. WTF.. 4 fathers, 2 kids? Hey?

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