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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Buy a Contemporary, Save the World!

Flat Out Sexy

I am spreading the word for the Save the Contemporary campaign going on on the DearAuthor and SmartBitches blogs.  

When I first saw the post, I thought, no way, I read plenty of contemporaries.  I love 'em.  But then I realized, I guess I don't read that many contemporaries that don't feature "vampires, campy vampires, werewolves, immortal peril, mortal peril, suspense out the wahoo, or extraordinary extraterrestrial extraneous circumstances."  Hmm.  Lately I've been on a mystery/romantic suspense kick.  I guess this would fall under the "mortal peril" and "suspense out the wahoo" categories.  I also of course, love vampire books (though not so much campy vampire, except for maybe Maryjanice Davidson's Undead books, but even those get tiring after a while).  And actually, lately I discovered Julia Quinn and rediscovered Lisa Kleypas, which sent me back on a historical kick. So, yeah, I guess I haven't been reading much straight up contemporary books.

But there are a few contemporary authors I like that came to mind:

  • Susan Elizabeth Phillips - I've posted about her before.  Love love love her books, mostly because of her awesome heroines.  I can't pick a favorite and her books are definitely must buys for me. 
  • Linda Howard - I used to auto-buy all of her books.  I guess some of her books do have a slight paranormal slant, but I wouldn't really classify them as paranormal romance books.  But regardless, some of her very best works are straight contemporaries.  For example, Open Season, about a small town librarian finding love with a tough small town police officer, is a book full of humor and fun that I've read multiple times.
  • Jennifer Crusie – Her books are always fun, full of quirky (slightly crazy) characters, and sometimes a loveable dog.  I have to say I haven't been much into her books of late, the corroborations with Bob Mayer.  But generally, a Crusie book is a great contemporary read.
  • Nora Roberts – Nora Roberts seems to have diversified from the straight contemporary.  I think she tried her hand at historicals when she first started out.  And then at some point, she got into the futuristic with the Eve Dallas books, which I love.  Now she seems to be starting into the paranormal world.  Frankly, I haven't been very interested in reading those.  But certainly, there are plenty (seriously, more than plenty – how does that woman manage to write so many books?!) of good straight contemporary books to choose from.
  • Lori Foster - I have posted about this before.  Although Lori Foster is not a must read or buy for me, I loved loved loved her book, Never Too Much.  I've read most of her books because I loved that book so much, but none of them really compared.  But her name did pop into my head when it came to contemporary authors and books.
  • Anyway, I will do my part for the Save the Contemporary campaign.  Next time I'm in the bookstore, I'm going to look for a good contemporary.   If it has good plot, loveable characters, and good writing, then I'm all for it. 



dilemma …

My parents have decided to sell their house.  So they sent me all of my books that I left there.  Hundreds of books.  *sigh*  I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the books I already have.  I told myself that I'm going to be ruthless and get rid of them all.  But I look at some of the books and I remember reading them and I just can't let them go.  This is why I need an eBook reader!