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Speak No Evil: A Novel
Allison Brennan

I've been on this mystery/thriller kick lately. First up is another book by one of my newly discovered authors, Allison Brennan's Speak No Evil

The heroine of Speak No Evil is Carina Kincaid, Lucy's sister.  (Lucy was the victim in the final book of this series, See No Evil.)  The book starts with the discovery of a murdered college girl.  She was raped, tortured, and her body is found with her mouth glued shut.  Carina suspects Steve Thomas, an older college student who was a friend of the victim.  Steve's younger brother, Nick, is a sheriff in Montana.  He comes to sunny California to figure out what is going on with his brother and to prove Steve's innocence.  Soon, a second body is found with the same M.O – the victim's mouth was glued shut.  Then a third.  Nick and Carina bond as they race to find the serial killer terrorizing the college campus. 

The book is another enjoyable read.  But, I found that I was more into the mystery and the suspense and less than into Carina and Nick and their blossoming romance.  I felt the romance part was just not necessary and not as well written as the mystery part.  The suspense was well-drawn out.  I was intruiged until the end.  Ms. Brennan again gave a glimpse into the events that played a part in creating a serial killer.  I never sympathized with the killer, but you do sort of get some answers to the question of "why." 

Overall, I give it a B+.




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