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Monthly Archives: December 2007

ebook reader

I've been obsessing the last few hours over the Sony eBook Reader. I really want one. I think, from reading all the posts on dearauthor, that the Sony PRS-505 is what I want. Tomorrow I want to go to the store and check it out – to see how it looks and feels in my hand.

What do you think? Dark blue or silver? I'm trying to decide which is less distracting. I think the silver. It'll make me think less about how this is an eBook reading device. I think.

My husband is not very supportive of my desires for an eBook reader. He says I don't read enough for it. But that's the thing! I think I'd read more if I had an eBook reader. Right now, because of my book storage issues, I'm way less likely to try new books and new authors. Once I buy a books, I have a hard time letting it go, be it sell it or donate it or trade it in at a used bookstore. Because I have such a hard time letting go of books I buy, I am much less likely to buy books I'm unsure about. Also, I read a lot of romance but I've never bought a Harlequin or one of those short little books, even though sometimes I just want a quick, mindless read. I think I might actually spend $3.50 to buy those on the eBooks. 

Any thoughts on eBook readers? I'm super obsessing over them right now.