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The 24th time is the charm?

Innocent in Death
J.D. Robb

I've been reading Nora Roberts since forever. But since she is such a prolific writer (seriously prolific), some of her books started to sound the same after a while. Then, I discovered her J.D. Robb books and discovered a new series to love.

The J.D. Robb books revolve around a NYC policewoman, Eve Dallas. In the 24 books of this particular series, J.D. Robb created a full and vivid world complete with memorable and well-sketched cast of supporting characters. Again, the problem with a prolific writer – the books started to sound the same. But, I think J.D. Robb did a great job in the particular installment.

The best thing about the Eve Dallas books is the development of relationships between Eve and the various support cast, including her relationship with her husband, Roarke. Throughout the books, you see Eve develop from someone who stood alone to someone who now stands surrounded by those who love her.

This installment is interesting because it involves conflict between Eve and Roarke. In this case, one of Roarke's old flames came into the picture. This one is different from his other old flames and she managed to create some friction. But of course, in the end, Eve and Roarke's relationship only manages to grow stronger.

The mystery in this case is also intruiging. There is some nice thematic interplay between guilt and innocence as the title suggests. The first victim is an "innocent" in that there seems to be absolutely no motive in his murder. He's a teacher, a newly wed, and an all-around nice guy. The book goes on from there. I have to pat myself on the back and say that I did figure out the murderer way before the big reveal, but it was still a good plotline.

The book felt fresh again. It may simply be because I haven't read J.D. Robb in a while. But I have to give J.D. Robb credit in that she did manage to turn out something not entirely in the same mold as before. I give this book a B+.

P.S. The preview for the next book sounds intriguing as well. I am looking forward to another Eve Dalla adventure.


2 responses to “The 24th time is the charm?

  1. janicu September 10, 2007 at 7:40 am

    TWENTY-FOUR?! DUDE. I didn’t realize that’s how many there were. Oh my. I want to read these one day too.

  2. BookFiendO September 12, 2007 at 8:15 pm

    Yeah, she’s insanely prolific. Even though some of her books sound the same, I’d still recommend this series. All of the series. The characters are very strong and likeable. And I’ll continue to read the series because I feel so invested in these characters and I am curious where they will go from here.

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