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library rant

Today, I finally went to my neighborhood library. It's only about 5 minutes from my place, so I was really excited about having a place close by where I can go borrow books. Unfortunately, despite its pretty appearance, the library sort of sucks.

There are pros. For example, with the smart library card, you can use the internet for up to 90 minutes each day. I believe there is also wireless you can access the web with your own laptop. But, seeing as I have internet at home, which is 5 minutes away, this is really not something I care about.

Cons: very limited romance section! And I had a hard time navigating. It took me probably half an hour to find their new book browse section. The reason is, the label on the side of the stack said Foreign Language. Only part of those shelves are new books, part are foreign books. So I kept passing those by and not finding anything. Argh!!!  The new book selection is okay but also limited. Plus, they don't separate out paperback from hardback. So once the books are off the new book shelf, you have to walk through the entire fiction section to find what you're looking for.

But besides the difficulty in browsing for books, I still couldn't find a lot of the books on my to read list simply because they didn't carry it. And it's not super crazy books either. For example, they didn't have very many Maryjanice Davidson books. *sigh* I did manage to put some books on hold. We'll see how that works out.

I miss my old library. When I was at my old library, every time I go, I can find at least 10 books I want to read. Just from browsing around. But today, after almost an hour, I only left with 5 books. Blah. *sigh* My old library is a bit too far for me to justify going there and borrowing books. It's probably about 20-25 minutes away. Unfortunately, it's not near anything I would regularly go to either. But, if this new library continues to be crappy, I might just make the drive.

What a let down!


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