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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Definitely Dead

A couple of days ago, I received Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris in the mail from PBS (that's Paperback Swap for those not in the know – awesome service where you can trade paperbacks). I managed to put off reading it for an entire … day. And then of course I read the whole thing pretty much in one setting. I started one night and finished it the next morning. This is ridiculous! I have no time for fun reading. Yet I do it. It's probably a very good thing that I don't have any more books coming to me for a while.  


This is Book 6 in her Sookie Stackhouse, Southern Vampire series. The basic premise is that Sookie, a barmaid at a small tiny little southern town, can hear people's thoughts. But the only people she can't read are vampires. And yes, at this point, vampires have come out and are legalized. But other beings such as shifters have not.

So in Book 1, Sookie meets and gets involved with Vampire Bill. And through him, she meets other vampires and weres and shifters and gets involved in their world.

The best thing about the Sookie Stackhouse series is that even though it is written in 1st person, you really get to know Sookie and end up liking her and rooting for her. She's just a normal person with a little unusual ability, trying to get through the world. The best thing is, she is not deliberately quirky like the heroines in the Katie MacAlister or Maryjanice Davidson books. And she's not scary like Anita Blake. She's just normal. And it's refreshing.

So in the latest Sookie Stackhouse adventure, Sookie has mostly moved on from the men she's been involved with before. Oh, that's another good thing about Sookie. She's not a sex fiend or a men-magnet like some other heroines. I mean, there are male characters around. But her relationships with them seem very real and believable. Ok so, Sookie has to go claim an inheritance that her cousin Hadley left for her in New Orleans. But someone doesn't want her to go. Thus, our adventure.

When I read this book, it has been a while since I've entered Sookie world. So I'd actually forgotten some of what occurred before. But I was quickly reminded and engrossed. And of course, I remembered why I liked Sookie in the first place. It was a quick and enjoyable read.

*Two Thumbs Up!*

I highly recommend this series to anyone who hasn't read it. Start with Book 1 though. It is a bit difficult to get into it mid-series.

By the way, I hear someone (HBO?) is making a Sookie Stackhouse series starring Anna Paquin. Ok, she is NOT who I pictured Sookie to be. But I'll give it a shot if and when it comes out. But to be honest, I think the world of Sookie is much better suited to the pages than the screen.